Sponsorship Leaderboard

Sponsorship Leaderboard

Please see the table below for the current £5,000 Pub2Pro Sponsorship standings:

1Major Spenser20
2Dean Wilson20
3Rodel Gonzales20
4Jason Pert20
5Rob Donnelan19
6Mike Young19
7Dan Meers19
8Keith Dyer19
9John Harfield18
10Dan Smeeth18
11Justin Jones18
12Ben Warby18
13Pete Robinson17
14Dale Thompson17
15Luke Ellias17
16Paul Tuson17
17Harley Smith16
18Ryan Arrowsmith16
19Jake Derbyshire16
20Tim Robins16
21Helen Dyche15
22Sandra Bulleyment15
23Andrew Sales15
24Clive Charters15
25Vince Beaumonth14
26Tracy Taylor14
27Baiba Rubeza14
28Grant Emery14
29Craig Croy13
30Kumar Joshi13
31Christine Fitzpatrick13
32Gary Morfett13
33Vgo Ndukwe12
34Ginny Walters12
35Dave Jognson12
36Daniel Pritchard12
37Bob Tansley11
38Patrick Newman11
39Ian Gotts11
40Nathan Hills11
41Dean Yates10
42Gary Bradshaw10
43Steven Craven10
44Keith Sampat10
45Simon Crook9
46Steve Sawzcuk9
47arcis Mitu9
48Dean Yates9
49Dave Patterson8
50Clive Berry8
51Neil Ashcroft8
52Nick Dyche8
53Mark Calder7
54Lewis Gritt7
55James Fitton7
56Phil Rigby7
57Gary Norville6
58Matt Latham6
59Mark Williams6
60Roy Thirwell6
61Lee Haskell5
62David Bailey5
63Chloe Graves5
64David Coudrier5
65Sean Dunthorpe4
66Jez Walsh4
67Glyn Coxon4
68David Govier4
69Adam Galla3
70Craig Pedrick3
71Dave Holdstede3
72Trev Yu3
73Luke Cox2
74Mick Jackson2
75Richard Morris2
76Pat Moloney2
77Paulo Ancleto1
78Barry Rigger1
79Marie-Elena Dyche1
80Isaac Ejindu1

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