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We are very pleased to announce that our Online Events will be taking place in partnership with Onetimepoker.

OTP are the newest poker room on the market, and their aim is to “put the players first” by providing a fair and safe place for poker players of all ability and experience to play online.

Examples of how they do this include:

  • automatically paying a rakeback to all of their players
  • limiting information that is available through poker HUDS
  • offering large overlays on a regular basis.

After talking to the guys over there, it quickly became clear that we share the same ethos of supporting the grassroots level of the poker industry – especially the idea of bringing new people into the game that we all love. Some of the other reasons for this decision are as follows:

New Poker Room – a fresh start

We had some feedback from players who for one reason or another were unable to play on the poker rooms of other operators. With OTP being new to the market, this means that everybody has the best chance possible of being able to play (unless you are self-excluded).

No deposit required

Unlike other operators we have spoken to, OTP do not require any deposit from our players whatsoever to take part in the Semi-finals / TD freeroll. This was particularly important to us because the players who have qualified from the pub shouldn’t have to spend money on online poker if they don’t want to.

Please also note that to withdraw money from OTP, you need to complete an ID verification. This is required by the UK Gaming Commission sitio importante.

Automatic rakeback

OTP are the only operator (that we are aware of anyway!) who offer a rakeback* to all of their players automatically. This was such an awesome thing to hear about, because it basically ensures that players who are new to online poker are not exploited for their lack of knowledge about what a rakeback is, and how to get it.

*A rakeback is where some of the money taken as the ‘rake’ by the online poker site is given back to players as a free bonus. Normally you need to jump through some hoops to get this back, but not with OTP!

Limited poker HUD information

Poker HUDS are additional pieces of software that track the actions that players on your poker table take, and they can be a large advantage if used correctly. This only served to disadvantage players that were new to online poker who didn’t know about them, or how to use them.

Onetimepoker’s software essentially stops poker HUDS aiding a player’s decisions on the table, which helps to ensure a level playing field!

Difficulties with other operators

When speaking to other online poker sites, we have been constantly frustrated by delays due to the bureaucracy of them being large organisations. Some of these organisations do not put too much important on their online poker offering, so we were always at the back of the queue (hence the delay in Semi-final dates).

We aren’t totally discounting the idea of working with some of the larger names if it is in our players’ best interest, but for the forseeable future we think the OTP is the best way to go.



In order to take part in our Online Events, you need to have an account with Onetime poker. It is important that you register via our website (or a link that we give), because this will tag your account as being a Hi5 player. To setup an account with OTP, please click here.

We are really looking forward to working with this awesome new poker site, and can’t wait to see how the first ever £5,000 Semi-final goes on 7th September!

Talk to you all soon.

The Hi5 Team

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