Why choose us?

Why choose us?

The best poker tournaments in the industry

All of our poker tournaments use a deep starting stack and slow blind structure.


Players start with a large chip stick relative to the blinds (20k,  50/100).

There is a 25 minute blind clock.

Why is this important?

Large starting stack & 25min clock

In tournaments with smaller starting stacks and/or faster blinder clocks, people are forced to play a certain way. Known by players as a "shove-fest" - it means that you either have to bet all of your chips, or not play at all.

Ultimately this means that the tournament is much more luck-based, because getting unlucky just once is enough to put you out of the running.

By contrast, in a deep stack tournament, you have the chips to be able to absorb bad beats (i.e. getting unlucky) and still have a chance to win.

Why does this affect your pub?

Players spend 13 weeks qualifying to take part in our events. It is essential that they do not leave disappointed and have a fantastic time, because that will make them want to keep coming back to the pub to qualify for the next one!

Having really high quality poker tournaments translates to customer retention, both for you at your pub, and for us!

Pub companies that we work with


Our highly experience team are here to offer their advice and support to help you build the most successful poker league possible.


Our welcome pack has step-by-step instructions on how to run a poker night, and the team is always there for any questions you may have.


Other Poker Leagues choose to centre their main prize around a Las Vegas trip. This completely excludes 18 to 20 year olds, who are one of the biggest groups of poker players.

More importantly though, these younger people represent your next generation of customers.

Forming a positive relationship with these young players early on in their adulthood means that you are investing in encouraging the next generation of customers to come to your pub.

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