The benefits

The benefits

Increase trade

on your quiet nights

A well run poker night creates a sociable and exciting atmosphere, which leads to customers spending more money behind the bar.

This can make a huge difference to a pub's revenue - see below for the sort of numbers you can expect:

Small poker night

Players 8
Spend £10 each*
Income £80/wk
Cost £11/wk (Bronze)
Revenue £69/wk
Total £3,588/year

Medium poker night

Players 16
Spend £10 each*
Income £160/wk
Cost £17/wk (Silver)
Revenue £143/wk
Total £7,436/year

Large poker night

Players 24
Spend £10 each*
Income £240/wk
Cost £23/wk (Gold)
Revenue £217/wk
Total £11,284/year

*Many of our pubs report a high spend per player than this!

Atmosphere competes with supermarkets

2014 was the first time that more alcohol was sold in shops than in pubs and bars. This is partly because shops (supermarkets especially) are able to sell alcohol at prices that pubs simply can't compete with.

The answer to this is that pubs need to compete in another way - with their atmosphere.

Hosting 'event' evenings (quizzes, bingo, poker, etc) helps to provide that extra reason for customers to go to the pub, instead of staying at home.

Annual beer sales in the UK

A community, not just a destination

Instead of only going to pub when you organise it with friends - Landlords should aim towards having customers go to the pub by themselves, in the knowledge they will see someone that they know.

A pub poker league is a fantastic way to promote the feeling of a community at the pub, because regulars who ordinarily would not interact, get to know each other and become friends.

This ultimately translates to more money behind the bar, because your customers are more likely to come to the pub more often.

Poker leagues generate repeat custom

Players compete for a large cash prize by playing poker at their local pub.

The more times they play in the pub, the more likely it is that they will win some of the £50,000 prize pool that we give away each year.

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