The poker equipment

Folding poker table

Our folding poker table has a cushioned faux leather surround, with a wooden race track. The playing areas is lined with speedcloth, which is a water resistent material to fend off the inevitable drink spillage. Cards glide smoothly along this cloth, and can be easily picked up.

The folding table comes in a carry bag, and can be unpacked quickly, turning one of your tables into a perfect poker spot and back in moments.

Chip sets and cards

The poker chips are made of clay, and weigh 14grams, to provide that satisfying 'weighty' feeling that poker players are very particular about.

Our 100% plastic cards are both crease and water resistant, making them durable, high quality, and perfect for the pub environment.

Collateral box

We also provide the following:

  • Poker handbook - full of our favourite tips and tricks on how to build your player numbers.
  • Advertising material - 2 x A2 posters, 1 x A6 counter-top stand, 50 x A6 leaflets.
  • Hand ranking cards - perfect for new players while they learn the game.
  • Tournament score pad - for you to easily record the scores each week.

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