How it works

How it works

1. Pre-advertise

After joining, we will send you everything you need to to able to advertise your new poker night. It is best to spread the word a few weeks before the first night, so you can hit the ground running.

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2. Host poker nights

It is a lot easier than you think to host a weekly poker night, and we are available to walk you through the process. We also send a step-by-step guide in our poker pack, to ensure that even landlords who don't know how to play can host a great poker league.

3. Award event tickets

Award points to the players each week in a scoreboard. At the end of every season let us know the details of the winning player(s), and we will add them to the list of the Online Semi-final. They can find all the necessary details on our website.


£15,000 / year


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4. Appoint a TD

After the first few week's you should try to encourage one of the keener player's to become the Tournament Director (TD). They are poker's version of a team captain and will take over all the admin involved, so that your poker nights end up running themselves.

As a thanks from us for organising your poker night, we give official TD's a complimentary ticket to the Semi-final. We also host an Online £1,000 freeroll tournament every season that is just for them.

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5. Build a community and increase revenue

It takes time to build a really successful poker league night. Just like any other form of pub entertainment, you should expect to start with low player numbers. By hosting a consistently great evening your player numbers will gradually increase.

Our tiered pricing system is specifically designed to ensure that even when you get started with low player numbers, you can run a profitable evening and see a significant increase to your pub's revenue.

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