About us

About us

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The Hi5 Poker League is owned and operated by Hi5 Promotions Ltd.

Hi5 Promotions is a corporate level supplier of entertainment products to the publican industry.

We provide tools that landlords and landladies can use to help increase trade on their quieter days of the week.

Why we started the Hi5 Poker League

A lot of poker players dismiss pub poker leagues - with the phrase "social poker" being used in a negative way. They have a reputation for poorly structured tournaments, making them very luck based.

Pub poker leagues are a great social experience; but why should that compromise on tournament quality?

With this concept in mind - the Hi5 Poker League was born.

Our vision

For players

One of the most rewarding parts about running our poker league is seeing new friendships develop via our events. Making sure you qualify to have a beer with these new friends becomes just as important trying to win the tournament itself!

This is our vision for the players of the Hi5 Poker league - to create a national community that is centered around their shared love of the game of poker.

For Pubs

Poker is a really social game, and is one where a 20 year old can sit across the table from a 70 year old and they both have a great time. We think that pubs are the heart of a community, and poker is an absolutely perfect match to help encourage this.

This is our vision for pubs - to help Landlords build a mini community of poker players that is centered around their pub.

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