Venue name
Qualifying Event
ChanterEdinburgh5a northGrant Clarke
Rising SunTarporley5a northJake Stone
Bar 300Prestatyn5a northPercy Hemp
ChanterEdinburgh5a northSimon Allen
Rose Of FarringtonLeyland5a northMichael Gibson
ChanterEdinburgh5a northDave Martin
St Gregory's Sports BarBolton5a northMick Crilly
Ffrith Beach - Team PrestatynPrestatyn5a northJoe Butler
St Gregory's Sports BarBolton5a northTony Drew
St Gregory's Sports BarBolton5a northMark Williams
Crown & HorseshoeBristol5a south 2Teresa Beard
Crown & HorseshoeBristol5a south 2Amanda Fey
Spice MerchantFleet5a south 2Robbie Richmond
Swan InnHaslemere5a south 2Daniel Ponting
Royal OakYateley5a south 2Patrick Young
Red LionAldershot5a south 2David Main
Christchurch Conservative ClubBournemouth5a south 2Mark Calder
Hedge End Social ClubSouthampton5a south 2Steven King
West Coast Poker GroupBournemouth5a south 2Mark Smith
Red LionAldershot5a south 2Keith Sampat
Alton Conservative ClubAlton5a south 1Richard Whitelegg
Cob Hatch Social ClubHarlow5a south 1Dan Davey
LambLondon5a south 1Darian Peach
HeraldHarlow5a south 1Pat Condon
Weymouth Poker ClubWeymouth5a south 1Dave Clarke
LambLondon5a south 1Marc Kirby
HeraldHarlow5a south 1Tony'D Canto
ThrashersIpswich5a south 1Daniel Pritchard
Cob Hatch Social ClubHarlow5a south 1Tom Wilcox
CoopersStevenage5a south 1Jason Booth
Abbey - Team GlosGloucester5a midlandsLuke Elias
Ffrith Beach - Team PrestatynPrestatyn5a midlandsBen Delaney
Lych Gate Tavern - Team WolvesWolverhampton5a midlandsGeorge Agathous
Yate's Wine Lodge-Team GlosCheltenham5a midlandsRob Reid
Crookham Street Social ClubCrookham5a midlandsRob Tait
Golden LionHigher Wheeton5a midlandsIain Parker
BeaconBasingstoke5a midlandsAngela Langley
BrittanniaBirmingham5a midlandsSteve Bromley
Far Cotton W.M.CNorthampton5a midlandsAshley Willliams
Hi5 Team GloucestershireTewkesbury5a midlandsAndy Big Chav Rogers
CourtyardCleveland5b northAndy Dodson
Snooty FoxLonsdale5b northPeter Musgrave
Bar 300Prestatyn5b northIan Gotts
Mecca Bingo ChesterChester5b northCharles Denman
Golden LionHigher Wheeton5b northJordon Drever
Southport Conservative ClubSouthport5b northChris Bartell
Hoop & MalletWarrington5b northLes Spiers
Snooty FoxLonsdale5b northChris Ledsham
RoebuckChorley5b northDave Cribben
Cheshire County Sports ClubChester5b midlandsMichael Williams
New PippinCoventry5b midlandsSuzanne Cox Temme
Goose - Team WolvesWolverhampton5b midlandsSimon Crook
Oaklands HotelChester5b midlandsFred Smith
Mecca Bingo ChesterChester5b midlandsRoland Paul
Round Oak InnWombourne5b midlandsSean Weir
Cheshire County Sports ClubChester5b midlandsMatthew Dutton
Old Ball HotelCoventry5d midlandsSerge Temme
Queen ElenaorNorthampton5b midlandsRicky Drew
Ridge Cheltenham5b midlandsJamie Woodcock
Basingstoke Labour ClubBasingstoke5b south 1Kumar Joshi
Crookham Street Social ClubCrookham5b south 1Harvey Norris
Commercial InnSwansea5b south 1Jake Bagshaw
Crookham Street Social ClubCrookham5b south 1John Sharman
Basingstoke Labour ClubBasingstoke5b south 1David Garside
Winchester Poker DogsWinchester5b south 1James Blud
Wheatpieces - Team GlosTewkesbury5b south 1Steve Sawczuk
Caterham ClubCaterham5b south 1Ian Kelsey
Red LionAldershot5b south 1Tracey Lock
Three Chimneys Sports BarWeymouth5b south 1Mark Anderson
Birkbeck TavernLeytonstone5b south 2Dave Mchugh
Cob Hatch Social ClubHarlow5b south 2Lewis Cordt
Red LionLondon5b south 2Paul Tuson
Stag & HoundEnfield5b south 2Gary Mardon
BakersBasingstoke5b south 2Mike Cooper
Stag & HoundEnfield5b south 2Colin Whiffin
Spice MerchantFleet5b south 2Graham Ffrith
ThrashersIpswich5b south 2Lee Gardener
Red LionLondon5b south 2Steve Cross
Aldershot Conservative ClubAldershot5b south 2Dan Pavitt
ChanterEdinburgh5c northAnthony Gilchrist
Ffrith Hotel Prestatyn5c northNatasha Field
Oaklands HotelChester5c northJake Derbyshire
Golden LionHigher Wheeton5c northHayley Drever
Hoop & MalletWarrington5c northKeith Wells
Whitby Social ClubEllesmere Port5c northKevin Houghton
ImperialSouthport5c northCarol Price
Golden LionHigher Wheeton5c northDarren Cooper
St Gregory's Sports BarBolton5c northJimmy Wolstencraft
Rowing MachineOxford5c south 1Nathan Hills
White HorseEssex5c south 1Wendell Hawthorne
Rowing MachineOxford5c south 1Andy Reeves
SquirrelFarnborough5c south 1Colin Porteous
Basingstoke Labour ClubBasingstoke5c south 1Mark Bone
Chestnut TreeAndover5c south 1Lee Rickwood
Red LionAldershot5c south 1Dan Smeeth
Swan InnHaslemere5c south 1Chris Berry
Caterham ClubCaterham5c south 1Tony Edwards
Alton Conservative ClubAlton5c south 1John Whitelegg
Wooton W.M.CNorthampton5c midlandsEmma Mooney
Old Ball HotelCoventry5c midlandsRichard Burdett
Old Red LionStevenage5c midlandsRyan Potter
Ridge - Team GlosCheltenham5c midlandsStephen Wiggett
Wheatpieces - Team GlosIlford5c midlandsMarie Dyche
Lord PalmerstonWalthamstow5c midlandsOleskandr Dyshlevych
Ley InnLeyland5c midlandsJames Whiteside
Alcester InnBirmingham5c midlandsAdam Hunt
New PippinCoventry5c midlandsSteve Richards
Ridge Cheltenham5c midlandsJeff Watson
Old Red LionStevenage5c south 2Niall Kindellen
Highwayman Pub & CarveryGravley5c south 2James Havis Carlisle
ThrashersIpswich5c south 2Ashely Scorah
Hedge End Social ClubSouthampton5c south 2Kyle Parker
O'Neils BarIlford5c south 2Helen Dyche
LambIlford5c south 2Peter Dyche
Victoria InnLuton5c south 2Vincent Ferrante
Birkbeck TavernLeytonstone5c south 2Lisa Butt
Birkbeck TavernLondon5c south 2Stacey Jokel
Basingstoke Labour ClubBasingstoke5c south 2James Robertson
Astro Bowl - Team PrestatynPrestatyn5b northMike Chapple
Birkbeck TavernLeytonstone5d south 2Maria Szekely
St Johns Social ClubLuton5d south 2Colin Parks
Victoria InnLuton5d south 2Pat Moloney
Far Cotton W.M.CNorthampton5d south 2Roy Thirwell
Drapers ArmsStevenage5d south 2Luke Duffell
ThrashersIpswich5d south 2Tom King
LambLondon5d south 2John Antwi
LambLondon5d south 2Andrew Waterman
Westbury Conservative ClubSalisbury5d south 2Sarah McElhone
Cob Hatch Social ClubHarlow5d south 2Sean Warren
Royal London - Team WolvesWolverhampton5d midlandsSimon Hancox
Ridge Cheltenham5d midlandsJack Wolfendon
Bar 300 - Team PrestatynPrestatyn5d midlandsMartin Thomas
Mecca Bingo CwmbranCwmbran5d midlandsKyle Johns
Far Cotton W.M.CNorthampton5d midlandsTommy Maciliney
St Gregory's Sports BarBolton5d midlandsJames Fitton
Ridge Cheltenham5d midlandsDan Zanettacci
Wooton W.M.CNorthampton5d midlandsZoe Knuff
Bridge Inn Yatton5d midlandsJonjo McNulty
Wheatpieces - Team GlosTewkesbury5d midlandsDave Williams
St Gregory's Sports BarBolton5d northBilly Glossop
Whitby Social ClubEllesmere Port5d northNeil Ashcroft
Whitby Social ClubEllesmere Port5d northDonna Stanton
ChanterEdinburgh5d northAndrew Davidson
Strawberry TavernBarrow In Furness5d northAndy Pearson
Snooty FoxLonsdale5d northEd Cadwallader
St Gregory's Sports BarBolton5d northSteve Holland
Ffrith HotelPrestatyn5d northJustin Jones
CourtyardCleveland5d northDavid Rushfirth
Victoria TavernBarrow In Furness5d northCeri Thomas
George HotelAmesbury5d south 1Dale Thompson
StationSouthampton5d south 1Andy Gregory
Winchester Poker DogsWinchester5d south 1Ryan Bailey
George HotelAmesbury5d south 1Ken Brannargan
Red Lion - Phoenix PokerPortsmouth5d south 1Sandra Bulleyment
Crookham Street Social ClubCrookham5d south 1Rupert McArt
Alton Conservative ClubAlton5d south 1Daniel Hazel
East Christchurch Social ClubBournemouth5d south 1Richard Davis
Stonehenge InnSalisbury5d south 1Darren Ledbury
Red LionPortsmouth5d south 1Chris Harvey

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