What does it mean to be a Tournament Director?

What is a Tournament Director?

The Tournament Director (TD) is a player who has volunteered to be in charge of the poker night - similar to a team captain in darts or pool. It can be very satisfying to run a successful poker night, and is a great way of making new friends.

The best TD's really take a pride in their night, and do their best to make them as fun and successful as they can. This includes things like helping to spread the word to attract more players, helping Landlords to physically setup the tables/chips, and organising travel/accommodation for your group of players in order to make a proper weekend of our events.

TD's are free to run whatever tournament structure that they like (blinds levels, starting stacks, etc), and of course have the responsibility to make and final rulings that are required.


The Perks

As a thank-you for running a successful poker night, all of our registered Tournament Directors (TDs) are offered the following benefits:

(1) Complimentary Online Semi-final qualification

Registered TDs earn a complementary qualification to the Online Semi-final.

This is in addition to any event tickets that the pub itself has purchased through a poker league subscription. For example, venues on a Bronze subscription receive 1 event ticket. If a player TD's this venue, the TD will receive a complementary ticket in addition to the 1 ticket that the venue has purchased.

(2) Entry to an additional Online £1,000 Freeroll

We also host a £1,000 Online Freeroll that is only open to registered Tournament Directors.

The rules

In order to receive these benefits, TDs need to do the following:

  • Register as the venue's official Tournament Director using this form.
  • Tell us who has qualified from your venue before the results deadline (this is usually 1 week after the end of the season). You can tell us via phone, or email - we also have a handy form on the site here.

We also recommend to the pub owners that they should give TD's a small token of appreciation as a thanks for running the poker night. We suggest to them that that something like a couple of free pints, or a food discount would be appropriate.

It is always worth asking for a little something from them, but please remember that this is entirely up to the Landlord themselves. It is worth considering that the more successful that the poker night is, the more likely it is that the Landlord will want to keep you happy!


Running multiple nights

Players are very welcome to TD more than one poker night.

If they follow the rules above, the TD will receive more than one complimentary ticket. You obviously cannot play in the same Tournament twice, which means that if (for example) you TD two nights, you would earn a ticket for the closest Semi-final to you, and also a ticket for the Semi-final that is second-closest to you.


I won the League anyway - what happens to my ticket?

If a TD manages to win a ticket to the Semi-final by finishing the League with the most points, then the TD has two options:

  1. The League ticket drops down to the player with the next highest points.
  2. The TD can opt to attend a second Semi-final (the one that is second-closest to you).

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