FAQ – full list

FAQ – full list

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In order to edit a venue's scoreboard, you must have admin rights over the venue page.

If you haven't done so already, you must first create a website account here.

When you are logged in to your account, click the 'Tournament Director?' link on the top right of the venue page (see below), and complete the form.




This will send a request to us for you to be granted admin rights. Once we have confirmed this request, the 'edit scores' tab will appear (see below), and it is from here that you can update the venue scoreboard:




In order to cancel your venue's subscription to the Hi5 Poker league, please contact us.

What is a Tournament Director?

The Tournament Director (TD) is a player who has volunteered to be in charge of the poker night - similar to a team captain in darts or pool. It can be very satisfying to run a successful poker night, and is a great way of making new friends.

The best TD's really take a pride in their night, and do their best to make them as fun and successful as they can. This includes things like helping to spread the word to attract more players, helping Landlords to physically setup the tables/chips, and organising travel/accommodation for your group of players in order to make a proper weekend of our events.

TD's are free to run whatever tournament structure that they like (blinds levels, starting stacks, etc), and of course have the responsibility to make and final rulings that are required.

The Perks

As a thank-you for running a successful poker night, all of our registered Tournament Directors (TDs) are awarded a complimentary tournament token to their poker account at the end of every month.

This is in addition to any event tickets that the pub itself has purchased through a poker league subscription. For example, venues on a Bronze subscription receive 4 tournament tokens every month (1 winner every week). If a player TD's this venue, the TD will receive a complementary tournament token in addition to the 4 tokens that the venue has purchased.

We also recommend to the pub owners that they should give TD's a small token of appreciation as a thanks for running the poker night. We suggest to them that that something like a couple of free pints, or a food discount would be appropriate.

It is always worth asking for a little something from them, but please remember that this is entirely up to the Landlord themselves. It is worth considering that the more successful that the poker night is, the more likely it is that the Landlord will want to keep you happy!

The rules

The complimentary tournament token is not sent to the pub as a gift card. Instead, we manually credit all TD poker accounts with the token at the end of the month.

To receive this free token, all TDs need to do is register their details on our Tournament Director form.


I won a weekly poker tournament - what happens to my complimentary ticket?

If a player has more than 1 tournament token in their account, they can use the excess tokens as a Re-entry to any of the £2,000 Monthly Qualifiers (you must have fully busted out of the tournament). This gives an advantage, because you can play a little more aggressively in the knowledge that you can Re-enter the tournament.

Alternatively, tournament tokens work for any of the £2,000 Monthly Qualifiers, so you can save the token for next month's event!


Find out more >


Yes, players can qualify to multiple Semi-finals by winning an event tickets at more than one venue.

This is a great way to increase your chances of scoring high points towards the pub2pro sponsorship package.

Yes, players can take part in as many Hi 5 poker nights as they wish. However, please note that a players points total is unique to every venue.

In addition, players can qualify to more than one Semi-final if they manage to win a ticket at several venues in the same season. This is a great way to increase your chances of scoring high points towards the pub2pro sponsorship package.

If players finish on equal points, then the person who has finished in first place most often over the course of the season will receive the event ticket.

Lets say a venue is on a Bronze subscription, and players A and B both finish the season with 200 points. Over the season, Player A came 1st 5 times, and players B came 1st twice.

In this example, player A would win the event ticket.

The Gambling Act 2005 specifically sets out the rules that pubs and clubs need to follow in order to host poker under the 'Exempt Gaming' regulations. The Gambling Commission have put out a simplified document explaining the details, which can be found here.

In simple terms, if you are venue with a standard alcohol license, then you are not allowed to charge an entry fee, the buy-in must not exceed £5 per person, and the total prize pool must not exceed £100 per night.

If you are a members club or commercial club, then you are allowed to charge an entry fee of £1 per person, the buy-in must not exceed £10 per person, and the total prize pool must not exceed £250 per night.

Venues may join the Poker League after the start date, but will be charged for the weeks that have been missed.

For example, if a venue joins in week 5 of the 13 week season, they will still be charged for the entire 13 weeks.

Venues may downgrade their subscription, but must complete the season in progress at their current subscription level.

The surplus poker equipment that is left over from a subscription downgrade will also be chargeable, at the rate of £30 per table and chip set.

If you would like to downgrade your subscription, please contact us to discuss this further.

Venues can upgrade the subscription at any time. They can even do this in the middle of a season, but please bear in mind that the previous weeks payments will be back charged to make up the shortfall.

The idea is that pub owners can build their poker league slowly, with minimal financial rusk, while also having the flexibility to cater for increases in player numbers when they happen.

If you would like to upgrade your subscription, please contact us to discuss it further.

It is important that the tournament structure is setup so that it finishes by the time the pub wants to close. This is done through giving people an appropriately sized starting stack compared to the blinds (forced bets that players must make), and blind timings (the speed that the blinds increase).

Our suggested schedule is designed to ensure that the tournaments will be finished by 11:00pm.

If the structure has been changed, then it is entirely up to the pub landlord with what happens next.

The options are:

  1. Hold a chip count after the next 3 hands have been completed. This is where all players count up their chip stack, and the player with the most chips wins. Please note that players don't really like this way of doing things, and can ruin their enjoyment of the poker night.
  2. Close the doors to the public, and allow the poker tournament to continue behind closed doors (while staying within the remit of the Alcohol License).


We will not provide hand rulings, as we do not get involved in the poker night on a pub level. The Tournament Director's decision is final.

Yes, venues are completely free to run their weekly poker night as they see fit.

Our suggested format is designed for pub owners who may not know enough about poker to create their own, and is intentionally kept relatively simple.

If you are confident enough to set your own stack sizes, blind timings, and so on, then go right ahead!

We are a national poker league with hundreds of venues taking part. This naturally means that we cannot send people to every pub to run the tournaments. However, what tends to happen is that one of the keener players taking part will run the poker night for you.

We call this person a 'Tournament Director' (TD) and we offer special benefits to registered TDs as a thank-you for their help. Read more about the TD incentive here.

All of our events are completely free for the players - and they always will be.

We do not charge a buy-in, participation fee, or levy of any kind. The funding for the prize pool comes from the subscription that venues pay to be part of the League.

However we do recommend bringing a bit of spending money to enjoy the event properly. Why not have a drink or two, and a bit of a flutter in the Casino? The players that enjoy our events the most are the ones that make a proper weekend of it! Ours is one big community, and if you book a hotel with the intention of having a great night out with like-minded people, then you will fit in very well!

We do not charge players anything for taking part in our Poker League - ever. All of our revenue comes from subscriptions that are paid by the venues.

However, please note that there will be a minimal buy-in at each poker night at the pub, so that there is a small pot to be played for each evening. This typically tends to be around £5. We do not set the buy-in price at a venue level because venues are completely free to run whatever tournament format that they wish (within the rules of the Gambling Act 2005).

The Hi 5 Poker League does not receive any part of this money, and in fact, it would be completely against the Gambling Act (2005) to do so!



If pub owners would like to offer a more generous reward system (for example 3 Semi-final tickets to their pool of 10 players), please contact us and we can discuss the details.

Players themselves may not purchase additional tickets. The only way that players can qualify is to take part in the poker leagues that we have across the country. We will not allow players to buy-in to our events under any circumstances.

Similarly, players may not sell unwanted/unused tickets. If this is discovered to be taking place, then we hold the right to temporarily or permanently ban the seller from our events.

There are no minimum and maximum players when it comes to our poker league. Our pricing packages are suggested numbers only, based on our experience.

For example, our poker tables can comfortably fit around 9 players each. This is why we suggest that when you get to 10 players and above, you upgrade to the Silver package - so that you have 2 tables to seat all the players.

It is also very important that enough of the players who take part in your Poker League win a Semi-final ticket each season, in order to keep them interested and coming back. A Poker League with 30 players that only gives away 1 Semi-final ticket will not have 30 players for very long!

If you want to be extra generous and provide players with more tickets (for example 3 qualifiers going through from a pool of 10 people), please get in touch and we can organise a custom package for you.

Yes, we are very happy to accept private home games into the League.

Please get in touch to discuss this further.

The Gambling Act (2005) specifically deals with pub poker, under terms of a 'Exempt Gaming.' The Gambling Commission have released some simplified documents detailing these rules - you can fine one here.

Basically, any venue with an alcohol license is automatically allowed to host poker as long as they stick to a simple set of rules. The exact rules that need to be followed depend on the type of license you hold.

Pubs and other alcohol licensed venues

  • The maximum prize pool on offer each night must be no more than £100 in total.
  • The maximum buy-in per player must be no more than £5 per person.
  • Absolutely no other form of additional charge to the player is allowed, either directly or indirectly. This includes things like rakes, pariticpation fees, and so on.

Members clubs

  • The maximum prize pool on offer each night must be no more than £250 in total.
  • The maximum buy-in per player must be no more than £10 per person.
  • A maximum participation fee of £1 per person may be charged.

There are other more niche situations when it comes to Exempt Gaming, but the vast majority of pubs will be affected by the rules above.

If you have any questions whatsoever, or are not sure about the legal implications of something related to your poker night, please get in touch and we can provide you with advice.

Please note that we do not accept any responsibility for any deviation from the above rules, as they are taking place without the Hi 5 Poker League's consent.

We hold multiple Semi-finals across the country, and your venue will earn a ticket to the Semi-final that is closest to them. You can see which Semi-final your pub qualifies towards on their venue page using the venue finder.

All of the details of our events can be found on the event schedule page - please check here regularly to stay up to date.

Once you have registered to the website, you need to join a venue's group in order to appear on their scoreboard.

You can do this by searching for your chosen venue in the Venue Finder, and clicking 'join group'.

All of the details that you need for our events can be found on the event schedule page. Please check here regularly to stay up-to-date. We also post this information on our facebook page.

Each pub is allocated a default Semi-final, which their player(s) earn a ticket towards. This can be found on the venue description in either the venue finder, or on the venue's group page.

We also publish a list of the qualifiers for each event on the event schedule page (open the event tab, and look in the qualifiers section).

Please contact the team beforehand to request a ticket swap.

As long as you give us sufficient notice, in most cases we will be able to swap your ticket to a different event  - the longer we have to organise it, the more likely it is to happen!

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