We are now in the 5th year of the Hi5 Poker League, and have given away over £250,000 in cash prizes to date.

We are always looking for ways to improve our Poker League, and to give as much back to players as possible.

We are now pleased to announce some very exciting changes to the way that the Hi5 Poker League will work, which will mean even greater benefits to our players:


  1. Increased Prize fund


  • Effective immediately our annual prize fund will increase from £60,000 to £75,000 per year!


  1. Even bigger Grand-final


  • Instead of a £25,000 Grand-final, we will instead be hosting a massive £50,000 Grand-final!


  1. Online Semi-finals


  • Instead of 4 Live £2,000 Semi-finals each season (16 per year), we will be holding 1 Online £5,000 Semi-final each season (4 per year) with an Online Partner.


  • The top 40 players from each Online Semi-final will qualify for the annual Live £50,000 Grand-final, so the number of players at the Grand-final will remain unchanged.


  • These online Semi-finals will only be open to Hi5 Poker League qualifiers.


  • Our new Online Partner is a household name, and one of the biggest betting brands in the world. More details on this exciting development will be announced very soon. Stay tuned!



  1. £1000 Tournament Director freeroll


  • We are always looking for more ways to reward the Tournament Directors around the Country who volunteer to help a Pub Landlord with running their local Hi5 Poker League.


  • In addition to their complimentary entry to the £5,000 Online Semi-final, we will now also hold a £1000 online freeroll each season (4 per year), that is exclusively available to Tournament Directors.


  • More details on this will be available soon.



  1. Multiple ticket winners


  • Previously, multiple ticket winners could play in more than one Semi-final as a bonus for winning an entry from several pubs.


  • Instead of this, multiple ticket winners will be given re-entries for that season’s online Semi-final (subject to certain conditions).


  • Multiple bullets are the best way to reward someone for winning multiple tickets because it does exactly what it says on the tin!


  1. £5,000 Pub2Pro sponsorship


  • The Pub2Pro Sponsorship will work in exactly the same way this year – the top 20 players from each online Semi-final, and the top 20 players from the annual Live Grand-final, will earn points towards the leaderboard.


  • Next year, we will tweak this system to involve a greater number of players.




Reasons for the changes


  1. Everyone has the chance to win more money


With our old format, each individual player would have access to £38,000 of the prize fund, because they could only play in 4 out of the 16 Semi-finals per year. See below:

4 x £2,000 Semi-finals (1 per season)                               = £8,000
1 x £25,000 Grand-final                                                         = £25,000
1 x £5,000 Pub2Pro sponsorship                                        = £5,000                

= £38,000


Our new format means every single player has access to the entire £75,000 prize pool, because they can take part in all 4 out of 4 online Semi-finals per year. See below:

4 x £5,000 Semi-final (1 per season)                                 = £20,000
1 x £50,000 Grand-final                                                         = £50,000
1 x £5,000 Pub2Pro sponsorship                                        = £5,000

= £75,000


  1. Easier qualification to a bigger Grand-final


  • The inconvenience of travelling to the live Semi-finals became a limiting factor for the Poker League in several ways:


  • Nearest Semi-final – If the nearest Live Semi-final was far away, people were less inclined to take part. For example – players in Scotland had to travel all the way to Manchester, with some of them travelling by air!


  • Reduce the cost for players – Travelling costs, hotels, food, drink, etc made taking part in the Live Semi-finals less attractive for a lot of people.


  • Date clashes – We all live busy lives, and sometimes it just wasn’t possible for players to be available for the Live Semi-finals due to other commitments. Online Semi-finals makes it that little bit easier schau mal was ich gefunden habe.


  • The costs of running Live dealer-dealt Semi-finals were constantly increasing. It got to a point where more money was being spent on running them than we were giving away in prize money!


  • Removing these running costs with Online Semi-finals means that players can now qualify to a massive £50,000 Grand-final (where travelling expenses are less of an issue!) from the comfort of their own homes.



  1. Greater control of our poker tournaments


  • Many of you may have noticed that all the Casinos in the UK are reducing their live poker offering.


  • In recent seasons Casinos have forced us to have a £3 registration fee for players (this has now been removed) and have even changed the structure of our Semi-finals without our knowledge or agreement!


  • This was making it harder and harder for us to deliver high-quality Live Semi-finals, and we simply weren’t prepared to allow this trend to continue.


  • By comparison, we can now structure our Online Semi-finals in exactly the way that we choose, to ensure that we deliver the best experience possible.






To summarise then, the changes to the Hi5 Poker League will mean:


  1. We can give away more money to players than ever before.


  1. More players across the entire of the UK will be able to take part.


  1. We are massively increasing the prize pool of the Grand-final.


  1. Qualifying to the bigger Grand-final is easier, and can be done from the comfort of your own home.

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