2019 announcements

Poker League – event costs

Lots of changes are taking place in the gaming and Casino industry at the moment. These changes have meant that the cost of hosting our events has increased dramatically (by over 125%!).

This increase in our costs has given us 4 choices:

  1. Run entirely self-dealt tournaments, with a reduced chip stack.
  2. Run partially dealer-dealt tournaments (last 4 tables), with a reduced chip stack.
  3. Reduce the prize money on offer significantly.
  4. Implement a £3 registration fee at the events, and increase prices by £1/week for each subscription package.

After speaking to some of you guys, and thinking about things over here, we have decided that the best way forward is option 4. Option 4 is the best way for us to provide you, the players, with a quality product that we are proud of. The £3 registration fee will take effect from the Season 5d events (i.e. the next set of events).

To all the Landlords out there – as Season 6a has already started, the £1/week increase in prices will only come into effect at the start of Season 6b (28th April). We will write yo you all separately with more details.

Finally, we also wanted to make it clear that the reg fee’s and price increase only goes some of the way towards offsetting the increase in our costs – the remaining increase we have agreed to cover ourselves!


Pool League – product launch

As some of you have already noticed, we have just launched a brand new product – the UK’s first ever national pub pool league!

The concept is similar to the poker league – players take part in the pub each week, and earn points. The 4 players with the most points form the pub’s pool team, and are invited to national pool events which we organise.

For more details, check out hi5pool.co.uk.


We are recruiting

With the launch of our new product, we are looking to recruit another person to join the Hi5 team. You can check out the job ad here.


That’s everything for now – thanks for reading and for being a part of the Hi5 community.

The Hi5 Promotions Team


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