Covid-19 update

We are sorry to announce that the pressures of the Covid-19 pandemic have proven too difficult for the company to survive.

It is our opinion that the operation of a poker league at this time represents an unacceptable health risk to the public.

Realistically, given the proximity of players to each other, and the sharing of chips / cards etc, there are no protective measures that will be able to fully protect the players – even in the best of circumstances. When you add alcohol to the mix, it becomes a recipe for disaster.

In addition, the financial pressure has been immense, and unforeseeable. We have not generated any revenue whatsoever for over 6 months, and we do not see any meaningful income being generated for a significant period of time to come.

Put simply, our products are simply no longer suitable to the pub environment, and we therefore cannot continue as a viable business.

Thank you to everyone who took part in the Hi5 Poker League. It’s been a fun ride.

Stay safe.

The Hi5 Team

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